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On Saturday night the Memepunks marked the third anniversary of our first ever gig in a pub with another gig in a pub.

This time we were supported by Bordello Rose, Dave Winkler's band, every member of which is both multi-talented and dead sexy. We'll be saying we knew them when.

Things got off to a late start due to a football match delaying load-in and the Memepunks overloading the sound desk by being the first band ever to use every one of their channels. They had to disconnect the DJ equipment so we could play! Bordello Rose started a bit late, and also overran; thankfully the venue manager was happy enough with our turnout (and the bar take) that they let us carry on after 11pm so we could finish our set. Despite every member of the band being either injured, ill or lacking sleep, the gig went well and the venue were very pleased with us. The soundman even texted his wife during the set to say she should come down because we were great! [ profile] d_floorlandmine played some great mash-ups, and I sadly missed [ profile] bootpunk playing Killing Joke's "Pssyche" in my honour as I was madly setting up. Thanks to [ profile] aliasrob for the video and [ profile] myriadofsins and [ profile] monted for the party.

The Memepunks 3rd anniversary gig at The Gunners, Finsbury Park, 6 December 2014

Magic Safety Roll
Kiss Up (feat. Sean Purdy, guitar)
When You’re Evil
Creep Or Without You
The Final Tango
Heaven On A Prayer (feat. Tasha Scott, vocals)
Beat Roxanne (feat. Sean Purdy, guitar)
Fly Girl From Ipanema
All Star Breakfast
Sympathy For The Transvestite

She’ll Shag Me In London
Journey Into Darkness (feat. Dave Winkler, guitar)
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