Nov. 18th, 2014 12:13 pm
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Still pondering a new name for Facebook purposes.

Have thought of the rather clever Psyche Eponymous. But I'm loath to have a last name that starts with a vowel, lest it further encourage people to drop the E from Psyche.

I wonder if I were to deed-poll change my name to Psyche Fuck-Facebook, if they'd have to give me a profile in that name? :)
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Why is it that any famous person who decides to use their access to media to campaign for social justice gets labelled a cunt?

Think about it: Bob Geldof, John Lennon, Bono, Russell Brand, Sting. These are the people the public loves to hate and why? Because they spoke out against the system. Why is this a bad thing? Do we assume that people who have money become inherently unable to comprehend income disparities or advocate for the world's poor? As if gaining privilege makes you blind to privilege, or automatically takes away one's ability to be a compassionate and socially aware human being?

It doesn't make sense to me.


Nov. 14th, 2014 10:32 am
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Well, no reply to yesterday's e-mails in which I insisted that my "authentic name" is Psyche, and the name on my ID bore no relationship to the one I'm known by.

Thought of a full name that actually appeals, though: Psyche Nocturnia. Y/N?

I've submitted a request for reinstatement using this method, but with the volume of deletions that might take a while. I can wait, though. I don't have any events to promote, other than the Memepunks gig at the Gunners with Bordello Rose on 6th December, and hopefully my fellow Memepunks and our fans will help spread the word on that one. And I am wary of changing my name by deed poll within 10 days of making an international flight. (Christmas 2004 in Gatwick Airport still looms large in my mind. Or should I say, in my Psyche. Ba-dum tish.) If I don't get any satisfaction by the time I get back, deed poll it is. (Deed poll will not accept a single name, sadly.)

Might create an interim profile of Felix Morgan, or some such. That's my last two cats.

In the meantime, as I have no access to Facebook events, what's going on the weekend of the 22nd/23rd?
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Nope. My request for clarification on whether Facebook will allow me to use the name Psyche Coderre has met only with a robot response asking me to upload ID, which of course does not say Psyche Coderre.
I have pointed out that asking to verify the name one uses in everyday life is NOT necessarily the name on one's ID, and re-uploaded all the screen shots.
Deed poll is looking more likely...

Well, I was thinking I needed a break from Facebook :P
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Heh, my e-mail notifications folder is full of "so-and-so added you back on Google+" and "so-and-so is now following you on Ello" :)

Neither of which I intend to use; I need something that does events. Sadly, Facebook's the only game in town for that.

I sent them copious evidence -- the 140+ comment thread in which I asked people to comment with the name they know me by. Two smartarse random names, and one post of a childhood nickname (variation on my real name), from someone who hasn't seen me since we were nine. Over 100 Psyches, and some with very touching and helpful remarks about how they couldn't imagine me being any other name. Plus five columns I've written under the name Psyche Coderre and a few articles about me, using only that name. I've received a response that looks hopeful. They may reinstate me under the name Psyche Coderre, which would be acceptable. (No one is going to be saying, "Which Psyche?" now are they?) And someone sent me a link to a potential advocate, it looks like -- I'll investigate further tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Damn Facebook, we hate you but we need you...
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Sigh, I knew it was only a matter of time before Facebook decided Psyche wasn't my "real" name, and locked me out.
So, I guess what I need to do is change my name by deed poll, provide that documentation to Facebook, then change it back again, ideally in the next 10 days before I have to take a flight!
Only trouble is the deed poll people want a first and a last name. What can my last name be? Argh! I have to decide quickly!
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1. Make sure the singer mentions the merch booth which you have set up
2. Make sure the singers of all other bands know how to pronounce Memepunks.

2. was the only annoying thing last night really. Faith Fest went very well. We opted to arrive early and soundcheck first, despite being on first, because we are so complicated. The second band, Global Citizen, agreed to soundcheck around our instruments, but didn't realise we use an electronic drum kit (they use real drums). Fortunately they agreed to use [ profile] hughe's drums, so changeover was fine. Quite a few people got to see us who hadn't before, and I sold half a dozen Voltaire tickets (and LOTS of Queer Alternative raffle tickets). The night was preternaturally warm and the event was not as crowded as I'd feared. A massive laugh went up from the crowd when they sussed what song The Final Tango was; we had a busy dance floor for Slimelight 2000; and I made all but one of my quick-change Psychetron sound swaps. [ profile] faithais was happy, the band had big grins on their faces, and I think we are ready to open for Voltaire in less than two weeks.

Gadget Cats
When You're Evil
Lucky Thrill
Final Tango
Take On Me (Acoustic)
Heaven on a Prayer (feat. Tasha Scott, vocals)
Slimelight 2000
Sympathy for the Transvestite
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I should post more to LJ if I want it to stay alive.

Anyway, yes! My band, The Memepunks, have a gig coming up. It's on Halloween night and we're opening for Aurelio Voltaire and Gladstone, who are an awesome hard-rocking steampunk band. We've taken the first slot to be polite, and we have two guests joining us: [ profile] nearlybled2deth, fulfilling her dream of singing on a mash-up, and Dave Winkler of the amazing Parkway. There will be NEW SONGS!

You're all on Facebook so the event page is here.

We have cheap tickets for £10 which you can get off any of us in person, or by sending £10.50 per ticket via PayPal to

G'wan buy some tickets!


Sep. 29th, 2014 06:33 pm
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Just when everyone was poised to start a mass migration from F*cebook back to LJ, my posts now have links to ads in the text!
And I am a paid subscriber. Something tells me I won't be renewing that, if my LJ experience is going to be marred by ad links. Grrr.

[EDIT] OK, fixed, nothing to do with LJ. Stupid computers!
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Good grief I meant to update so many times.

I guess a summary will be all that you get ;)

Wave Gotik Treffen
The first full weekend of June was WGT, the first one I'd been to in four years. The lineup was a bit lacklustre. But that turned out to be OK, because it was RIDICULOUSLY hot (42 degrees in the direct sun of our apartments' courtyard) so I didn't have an awful lot of energy. I didn't get in to see Apocalyptica; and there was no stand-out band like there has been at past festivals. There was also the faff of having two sets of keys between four people, all of whom had different and constantly changing plans each evening. And I didn't get to see much of Steffi, which was a shame. Did get to know some folks better, and had the strange experience of meeting a northern goth fellow with whom I'd exchanged a series of friendly messages on OKCupid. The highlight of the weekend was the new venue Taubchenthal, which was like a massive gothic beach party with a sandy courtyard, good ventilation (very important!), good views of the stage from all parts of the venue, and deck chairs.
Bands I saw were:
Aeon Sable -- solid goth rock, though their singer looked anything but goth
Apocalyptica -- venue was full, didn't get in :(
Age of Heaven -- solid goth hard rock
The Bellweather Syndicate -- William Faith's new band, disappointingly uninspired
Mephisto Walz -- quite good
White Lies -- really enjoyed this late set, although they really didn't fit in visually either
Inkubus Sukkubus -- seen them loads of times, but this was one of their best performances. Finally met them too.
KatzKab -- quirky singer, enjoyed the versatile music and musicianship
Asmodi Bizarr -- I'd looked forward to them, but they were a bit dull
The Marionettes -- probably my favourite performance despite the lead singer giving poor Eddie, the new guitarist, ridiculous amounts of flak onstage. Not terribly professional.
45 Grave -- I only caught glimpses of them, as I was enjoying the outdoor weather more, but they were good.
Ost+Front -- now this was the first band that made me aware I was actually in Germany and not the UK or US ;) Good German industrial metal, although bald men headbanging just doesn't have the same effect. Proud of me for watching a band at Parkbuhne despite the raging heat.
Beastmilk -- had been touted as awesome; I thought they were good. Could be the heat was getting to me by then, however.
Solitary Experiments -- venue was full, didn't get in :(
Slowdive -- really lovely.
Faderhead -- well, that deserves its own post.

I also spent some time in the Pagan Village, succeeded at practical and impractical shopping, and saw the Giger exhibition. The table and chairs were breathtaking. But after so much heat (and precious little still water -- what's with these Germans not drinking still water!? You'd make a fortune with a bottle water stand at the Agra), I think my favourite part of the holiday was the drive home with Ricardo which included an hour-long stop in Antwerp, a pretty little town that allowed me to add Belgium to my list of countries visited (as opposed to countries merely driven through).

Next year I think I will just pick whatever festival Coppelius are playing, and go there.
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Sunday 1st June

Liberte! Egalite! Cabaret! was the excellent crowd-sourced name for the Queer Alternative's Pride fund-raiser, that I found myself mostly in charge of after volunteering to recruit Andrew O'Neill, who is a close personal Facebook friend of mine. We hoped to raise £1,000 for the Pride float. We hired the Elixir Bar, who didn't charge us (yay for my DJ credentials there), and all of the acts except for EastEnd Cabaret and The Priscillas agreed to perform for free. (Those two gave us a big discount.)

We were heavy on performers, half of whom I'd recruited and half of whom had come through the cabaret scene via Shehzad. I volunteered my nervous self for the first slot, which was supposed to be with another group member, Alex Shutler. She was going to sing one song and play ukulele, then I'd accompany her on piano for "Coin Operated Boy", and then I'd play and sing the silly song I'd written in Berlin after being rejected -- for the third time!! -- by a girl I'd previously been sleeping with. Alex had come all the way from Manchester on the train to rehearse for a half hour. But on the day of the show, she texted around 11am to say she was too ill. This left just me and one song. I debated whether to opt out, but I'd posted on Facebook that I was going to play a song I'd written, and Aden and [ profile] sashagoblin would want to hear it, and I'd have to bring my keyboard for EastEnd Cabaret anyway, so I figured I'd better not chicken out. In the shower I realised I could pull off a decent "Creep Or Without You", having sung it on my own while rehearsing for the Memepunks acoustic gig, to pad out my set into more than two minutes.

And so I put on my cabaret outfit (tux with tails and hotpants) and took a taxi down to the Elixir Bar. The requisite pre-show wrinkle was that Elixir -- despite their contract saying they were open from 11am Sundays -- wouldn't have anyone at the venue until 4pm. With so many acts, several wanted to soundcheck; the priority was the Priscillas, and one particular performer was getting increasingly agitated that he might not get his full half-hour to run through his act. In the end he did have enough time, and the doors opened only about 10 minutes after the advertised 6pm start time.

I went onstage at 6:30 to sing my songs. Ironically, neither Aden (who'd also come down ill) nor Sasha were there to hear them :( (Sasha turned up after Act 1, and I said, "It's great to see you -- but it's terrible to see you NOW.") It was scary singing in front of a crowd; I focused on [ profile] pleiadeslion who was in the second row. "Creep Or Without You" went fine after one initial stumble; I tried my best to just get through it and pretend no one was there. "She'll Shag Me In London (But Not In Berlin)" was well received, particularly the jokes, and I made it through that one as well in spite of my left hand starting to shake just after the key change. The lyrics resonated with a few of the punters there :) Maybe I should try my hand at stand-up...

The first two acts ran ahead of schedule. The Kate Bush puppet show was brilliant, and I got dragged into [ profile] preachermuaddib's sideshow act to stand on his head while his face was in broken glass. But running ahead of schedule meant a bit of an adjustment. Frank Flag wasn't on hand early for his set; Scott and [ profile] andyravensable held down the tables until he arrived. I asked both The Priscillas and EastEnd Cabaret if they could pad their sets a bit. EEC said they would add one song. Unfortunately, this is where things logistically started to go wrong. EEC's "one more song" extended their set from 20 to 45 minutes. And then it was time to call the raffle, which was supposed to take place with help from Andrew O'Neill. Unfortunately, Andrew was playing another gig nearby, and this gig was running behind. So by the time The Priscillas got a chance to go onstage, it was the end of the night and they had to be cut off after three songs :(

That was the second worst thing that happened. The worst thing was that someone knocked the bar flap ONTO MY HAND just before the raffle, crushing my right ring finger in a most excruciating manner. Fortunately Preacher was on hand to provide first aid, and [ profile] d_floorlandmine gave me a lift home and helped me carry the keyboard and stand, which I now wouldn't have been able to do. I think I am going to have scars.

But! The best news is that when all was said and done, we netted £970 for the float! Which is much better than I'd hoped! The raffle prizes were a big help, but the turnout for the event itself was really impressive. Overall a great success -- and if I had to hurt my hand, thank goodness I did it AFTER playing two gigs back to back!
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Two very eventful weekends have passed since I last updated, Dear Livejournal.

Friday 30th May
[ profile] caroline_vain and [ profile] chris_damage revived Glampires at the Hope and Anchor in Islington. Sadly I couldn't make a big night out of it due to the rest of the weekend looming, but I did make it til the end. Billed as "goth rock and glam rock", it was actually more of a B-Movie revival. It was odd experiencing simultaneous nostalgia for the 80s music the DJs were playing and the 2000s nightclub I used to frequent with that particular group of people. Can't wait til the next one.

Saturday 31st May
The Memepunks headlined Electrowerkz. It was amazing! Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik came down sick and had to pull out, so we added three songs we know in our sleep to pad out our set to a full hour. We even, by happy coincidence, had merchandise to sell, like proper headliners! It was SO much fun, and because we were playing songs we knew so well, nerves and fuck-ups were both at a minimum. There were some really pretty people dancing down front too. Slimelight was a built-in afterparty, but my adrenaline rush, groupie and I had to skedaddle around 3am because of the next day's cabaret, which will get a separate post.

Sea Shells Sanctuary
When You're Evil
Enjoy The Silence
Closer To Funk
Beat Roxanne (feat Sean Purdy - guitar)
The Final Tango
Slimelight 2000
Magic Safety Roll
The Bad Spin
Encore: Sympathy for the Transvestite


May. 31st, 2014 07:05 pm
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So tonight, my band is headlining a gig at Slimelight.


A band. That I am in. IS HEADLINING. At the most famous goth club ever.


We even have merchandise to sell!!

Not fucking bad for a band that doesn't even write its own songs.

The hardest part is going to be this ridiculous cyber outfit... Whose idea was it that we should all go in cyber wear... oh yeah, mine. :P

A New Song!

May. 8th, 2014 08:25 pm
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When life hands you sexual frustration, you write a song about it. If you're the Violent Femmes. Or apparently if you are me.

Since it's about being rejected by women I figure the ideal place to perform it will be at the Queer Alternative fund-raiser, Sunday 1st June at the Elixir Bar. I'm already accompanying another singer on one song, and she'll be doing a ukulele number too. (That should be interesting, as she and I have never met!) But yeah -- playing and singing a song I wrote myself. I think this is a first.

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All songs piano/cello/accordion except *piano/cello/drums

Gadget Cats
When You're Evil
The Final Tango
Creep Or Without You*
Take On Me

Soundbox with guest pianist Psyche:
Rolling Stones vs Guns N Roses: Dead Flowers/Used To Love Her
Aerosmith: Dream On
Tom Petty: Breakdown
Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer
Journey: Separate Ways
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Looks like I'm putting on a gig.

It's the fundraiser for the Queer Alternative to raise money for a float in this year's Pride Parade. Someone suggested Andrew O'Neill to headline (which I actually argued against -- my opinion being that someone who identifies as queer would be more appropriate), but loads of people seconded him. I happened to be going to see him perform stand-up tonight, so I asked him in person and he said yes right away!

And I can get the Elixir Bar for free... so it looks like I've taken the reins of the planning. Which is great. I love putting on gigs :)

I might also be playing the piano on a few songs with another group member who sings. That'll be a lot of new music to learn, what with the songs I'll be playing with Dave Winkler's acoustic band when the Memepunks play in April (oh yeah! 12th April, Memepunks acoustic at Soundbox, The Fiddlers Elbow, Chalk Farm). Fortunately no new Memepunks material since we're still recording.

Woo gigging and performing, best things in life :)
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Really good night at Dead and Buried! It was quite slow, but hey, LOTS OF SPACE :) And enough good friends and dancing to make me really glad I went. :)

And THREE potential gigs lined up for the Memepunks! Must see if everyone's available, but watch this space...
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It's been all quiet on the gig front for the Memepunks, but we've been busy! Recording is 90% complete on our "magnum opus", the Slimelight 2000 megamix. I'm hoping we can have it done so we can convince Steve (or somebody) to play it at the next Slimelight Reenactment Society meeting on April 19th. It's doable! We've recorded another track too, but we'll probably redo it, now that we know what we're doing.
And we've sent the rough draft of our logo off to a graphic design student who's offered to take a crack at it for the experience. Hope he comes up with something good.
All very exciting :D
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I was on before the band, CTRL-ALT-DEL, and [ profile] hooverpig asked me to check them out and play something similar beforehand. Upon listening to them it was obvious I didn't have anything even remotely similar, except I might have some really old Prodigy on a rave compilation. I didn't, but the rave compilation took me right back to 1992 which was really good fun :)

Shenanigans, 26 October 2013

DJ PSYCHE 9:00-10:00

Misfits - Monster Mash
Mechanical Cabaret - See Her Smile
IAMX - Nightlife
Leftfield - Open Up
Last July - Nothing Else But You (History of Guns Remix)
History of Guns - LMS (Deep Mix)
Covenant - We Want Revolution
Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant
White Lies - To Lose My Life
She Wants Revenge - Red Flags And Long Nights
And One - Military Fashion Show
Praga Khan feat Jade 4U - Injected With A Poison
RAF - We've Got To Live Together
Hyper A Go Go - High
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Saturday 28th September - Memepunks at the Rattlesnake.

This was the first time we played the venue. After loading up, I cycled down to Angel, beating the van by a good half hour. I had neglected to provide our stage plot to the venue, so their sound man was setting up a drum kit when I arrived, which I helped him dismantle. With no warning, he was understandably thrown about all of our instrument changes. During sound check the following exchange took place:
Simon the Soundman: "Play a normal song."
Us: "We don't have any normal songs!"
But he came through, and that was why we chose very simple acts to play between us.

Though sound check ran longer than usual and I was putting on makeup when doors opened, the rest of the night ran on time. For the first set, we chose mostly mellow cello songs, kicking the energy levels up with Jump -- which totally won everyone over. The next act to play were Jessie Pie and the Thorn, whom [ profile] monted had recommended, having seen them in N19. I'd checked out some of their YouTube videos, which did nothing to prepare me for their sheer awesomeness. Jessie has a voice so powerful that at times she held her radio mic nearly at waist level and was a brilliant showman (showwoman?), going out into the crowd and flirting with various audience members. Chris Thorn stood on the stage, grinning whilst providing the accompaniment. At one point he started the riff from She Sells Sanctuary, causing all of us Memepunks to say "Oh thank goodness we're not playing that one!" Laurence Owen played third -- in retrospect it should have been the other way round, but he had a prior engagement anyway -- and also went over well. I unfortunately missed half of a Doctor Who song due to a badly timed loo break, will have to see if that one is on YouTube.

We then played our second set and that went over really well. I think we even managed to pull off the two new songs -- but we'll know for sure when we see the video. We had loads of people dancing, and even the randoms who had just wandered in found me afterwards came up to tell me how much they'd enjoyed it. [ profile] flavius_m wore the closest thing to a fan T-shirt -- his Death and Taxes T-shirt! There were quite a few new faces, which made up for the lack of some of the usual suspects. [ profile] d_floorlandmine and [ profile] andyravensable had an unexpected job of DJing to the influx of normals who came in from the front bar after the gig, but it was good fun getting to hang out and party afterwards in the same venue.

We would have been very close to breaking even... except for the £65 parking ticket and large band bar tab. Oh well, it was a really fun night, and discovering Jessie Pie and the Thorn made it worth the extra investment.


Set 1
When You're Evil
Enjoy the Silence
Fly Girl from Ipanema

Set 2
Gadget Cats
Kiss Up
Beat Roxanne
Lucky Thrill
Slimelight 2000
Sympathy for the Transvestite
Magic Safety Dance
The Bad Spin
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