Nov. 14th, 2014 10:32 am
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Well, no reply to yesterday's e-mails in which I insisted that my "authentic name" is Psyche, and the name on my ID bore no relationship to the one I'm known by.

Thought of a full name that actually appeals, though: Psyche Nocturnia. Y/N?

I've submitted a request for reinstatement using this method, but with the volume of deletions that might take a while. I can wait, though. I don't have any events to promote, other than the Memepunks gig at the Gunners with Bordello Rose on 6th December, and hopefully my fellow Memepunks and our fans will help spread the word on that one. And I am wary of changing my name by deed poll within 10 days of making an international flight. (Christmas 2004 in Gatwick Airport still looms large in my mind. Or should I say, in my Psyche. Ba-dum tish.) If I don't get any satisfaction by the time I get back, deed poll it is. (Deed poll will not accept a single name, sadly.)

Might create an interim profile of Felix Morgan, or some such. That's my last two cats.

In the meantime, as I have no access to Facebook events, what's going on the weekend of the 22nd/23rd?
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Nope. My request for clarification on whether Facebook will allow me to use the name Psyche Coderre has met only with a robot response asking me to upload ID, which of course does not say Psyche Coderre.
I have pointed out that asking to verify the name one uses in everyday life is NOT necessarily the name on one's ID, and re-uploaded all the screen shots.
Deed poll is looking more likely...

Well, I was thinking I needed a break from Facebook :P
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Heh, my e-mail notifications folder is full of "so-and-so added you back on Google+" and "so-and-so is now following you on Ello" :)

Neither of which I intend to use; I need something that does events. Sadly, Facebook's the only game in town for that.

I sent them copious evidence -- the 140+ comment thread in which I asked people to comment with the name they know me by. Two smartarse random names, and one post of a childhood nickname (variation on my real name), from someone who hasn't seen me since we were nine. Over 100 Psyches, and some with very touching and helpful remarks about how they couldn't imagine me being any other name. Plus five columns I've written under the name Psyche Coderre and a few articles about me, using only that name. I've received a response that looks hopeful. They may reinstate me under the name Psyche Coderre, which would be acceptable. (No one is going to be saying, "Which Psyche?" now are they?) And someone sent me a link to a potential advocate, it looks like -- I'll investigate further tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Damn Facebook, we hate you but we need you...
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Sigh, I knew it was only a matter of time before Facebook decided Psyche wasn't my "real" name, and locked me out.
So, I guess what I need to do is change my name by deed poll, provide that documentation to Facebook, then change it back again, ideally in the next 10 days before I have to take a flight!
Only trouble is the deed poll people want a first and a last name. What can my last name be? Argh! I have to decide quickly!

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