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Coming Soon - The Memepunks

Get ready for the mashup music video of the year*.

We're ready. Are you ready?

*Yes, we know it’s only January. :)

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Lots to catch up on from the week that was.

Wednesday the Memepunks opened for Abney Park at the Garage. It was the biggest venue we'd ever played. We arrived at 4pm because both Abney Park and Cauda Pavonis had said they needed to borrow our bass amp. It turned out that Cauda Pavonis arrived an hour late, and neither band needed the amp. We had a late and rushed sound check but the venue opened nearly on time.

We went on stage and it was that eerie experience of looking out into a room already fairly full of strangers. Abney Park are big on the steampunk circuit and it was impressive that so many people were out by 7:30pm and looking very well dressed. We launched into Gadget Cats, a great choice of opener as it's familiar. Normally it takes about 3-4 songs for me to relax and enjoy the gig instead of worrying, but this time I was in the zone from song one. By the third track the crowd were in on the joke and singing along, particularly to the 90s tracks. Somehow the work of the last four years clicked together and we were completely on form, in spite of Paul being ill. Our comedy goggles got noticed, even the two new songs were smooth and we easily recovered from our tiny missteps, and I felt no sense of impostor syndrome whatsoever, other than when I sang. Afterwards we sold three T-shirts, several people were asking for CDs, and I think it's safe to say we have some new fans! Cauda Pavonis's bass player gushingly offered to book us in Bristol, but their singer later confided that he was drunk and they didn't actually know of any viable venues in Bristol. A guy I don't know bought a ticket from the Memepunks and took video, so hopefully he'll e-mail a link soon. Sadly I forgot to ask Abney Park to put in a word for us with the Whitby organisers. And both Frank Flag and the Memepunks got paid, woo!

Gadget Cats
The Final Tango
Taint Yourself
Fly Girl From Ipanema
Bad Moon Dance
Poison Mashenger
Magic Safety Dance
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At long last, The Memepunks present our first ever music video!
Now we are a proper band.

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On Saturday night the Memepunks marked the third anniversary of our first ever gig in a pub with another gig in a pub.

This time we were supported by Bordello Rose, Dave Winkler's band, every member of which is both multi-talented and dead sexy. We'll be saying we knew them when.

Things got off to a late start due to a football match delaying load-in and the Memepunks overloading the sound desk by being the first band ever to use every one of their channels. They had to disconnect the DJ equipment so we could play! Bordello Rose started a bit late, and also overran; thankfully the venue manager was happy enough with our turnout (and the bar take) that they let us carry on after 11pm so we could finish our set. Despite every member of the band being either injured, ill or lacking sleep, the gig went well and the venue were very pleased with us. The soundman even texted his wife during the set to say she should come down because we were great! [ profile] d_floorlandmine played some great mash-ups, and I sadly missed [ profile] bootpunk playing Killing Joke's "Pssyche" in my honour as I was madly setting up. Thanks to [ profile] aliasrob for the video and [ profile] myriadofsins and [ profile] monted for the party.

The Memepunks 3rd anniversary gig at The Gunners, Finsbury Park, 6 December 2014

Magic Safety Roll
Kiss Up (feat. Sean Purdy, guitar)
When You’re Evil
Creep Or Without You
The Final Tango
Heaven On A Prayer (feat. Tasha Scott, vocals)
Beat Roxanne (feat. Sean Purdy, guitar)
Fly Girl From Ipanema
All Star Breakfast
Sympathy For The Transvestite

She’ll Shag Me In London
Journey Into Darkness (feat. Dave Winkler, guitar)
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Saturday 28th September - Memepunks at the Rattlesnake.

This was the first time we played the venue. After loading up, I cycled down to Angel, beating the van by a good half hour. I had neglected to provide our stage plot to the venue, so their sound man was setting up a drum kit when I arrived, which I helped him dismantle. With no warning, he was understandably thrown about all of our instrument changes. During sound check the following exchange took place:
Simon the Soundman: "Play a normal song."
Us: "We don't have any normal songs!"
But he came through, and that was why we chose very simple acts to play between us.

Though sound check ran longer than usual and I was putting on makeup when doors opened, the rest of the night ran on time. For the first set, we chose mostly mellow cello songs, kicking the energy levels up with Jump -- which totally won everyone over. The next act to play were Jessie Pie and the Thorn, whom [ profile] monted had recommended, having seen them in N19. I'd checked out some of their YouTube videos, which did nothing to prepare me for their sheer awesomeness. Jessie has a voice so powerful that at times she held her radio mic nearly at waist level and was a brilliant showman (showwoman?), going out into the crowd and flirting with various audience members. Chris Thorn stood on the stage, grinning whilst providing the accompaniment. At one point he started the riff from She Sells Sanctuary, causing all of us Memepunks to say "Oh thank goodness we're not playing that one!" Laurence Owen played third -- in retrospect it should have been the other way round, but he had a prior engagement anyway -- and also went over well. I unfortunately missed half of a Doctor Who song due to a badly timed loo break, will have to see if that one is on YouTube.

We then played our second set and that went over really well. I think we even managed to pull off the two new songs -- but we'll know for sure when we see the video. We had loads of people dancing, and even the randoms who had just wandered in found me afterwards came up to tell me how much they'd enjoyed it. [ profile] flavius_m wore the closest thing to a fan T-shirt -- his Death and Taxes T-shirt! There were quite a few new faces, which made up for the lack of some of the usual suspects. [ profile] d_floorlandmine and [ profile] andyravensable had an unexpected job of DJing to the influx of normals who came in from the front bar after the gig, but it was good fun getting to hang out and party afterwards in the same venue.

We would have been very close to breaking even... except for the £65 parking ticket and large band bar tab. Oh well, it was a really fun night, and discovering Jessie Pie and the Thorn made it worth the extra investment.


Set 1
When You're Evil
Enjoy the Silence
Fly Girl from Ipanema

Set 2
Gadget Cats
Kiss Up
Beat Roxanne
Lucky Thrill
Slimelight 2000
Sympathy for the Transvestite
Magic Safety Dance
The Bad Spin
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When You’re Evil (Cello)
Fly Girl From Ipanema (ukulele bass)
Kiss Up (Sean Purdy, guitar)
Closer To Funk
Never Tear Us Apart (Cello)
Beat Roxanne (Sean Purdy, guitar)
Summer in the City*
Sympathy For The Transvestite
Slimelight 2000 (aka The Megamix)
Encore: Magic Safety Dance

*We hadn't played this in a year and a half but the weather, and the location of the party (Liverpool Street, in The City) demanded it. Didn't go too badly given that we only rehearsed it during soundcheck!
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On Saturday night, The Memepunks played our sixth gig at the site of our very first one a year previously, The Shaftesbury Tavern.

We did it as a joint "Simon Landmine birthday party" event, mainly because we'd booked the gig and then booked a paid-entry gig at Mother Live, so agreed to the promoter's reasonable request not to announce the free gig until after the paid one. In the interim [ profile] d_floorlandmine had attempted to bagsy the 8th December date, so I contacted him with the obvious solution of combining the two. This also saved us the hassle of having to book DJs ;)

All I can say is that, a few technical niggles aside, I can't imagine a better gig ever. Because it was "home turf", I wasn't nervous at all, other than in those few panicked moments that happen about 30 seconds before I have to play something and have that momentary flash of "Oh crap, what if I forget the riff? What note does it begin on? ARGH!" Psychetron played up a bit, but the vast majority of our 16 songs sounded really good. And talk about well received! People got up and danced! Every song seemed to bring bigger cheers. It was thrilling getting that kind of positive audience reaction. We played two sets, then Simon took to the decks for the last hour and played a storming set that had people (including me) dancing enthusiastically. And the coolest thing was that [ profile] origamitiger made us all sock puppets! Mine has purple and blond yarn hair and an eyebrow piercing! How cool is that!?!?!

And after the gig, just when I thought things couldn't have been better, Paul played back the recording we made using our new 16-channel mixer. I walked into the room and heard music, and it took a moment to register that that was us. And we sounded good! Since the first Shaftesbury gig, there haven't been any usable recordings -- and we definitely have improved. It was amazing hearing my own piano playing, [ profile] monted's and Red's voices, [ profile] hughe's accordion coming out of a laptop at a party. I was mesmerised, my guests practically had to drag me home! We'll pick the best ones and get them ready for online download and burn some to CD. We'll also record versions in the studio, after Ed gets back from Australia. I am so excited! I'm actually in a good band, and we are actually going somewhere! With recordings like this, we'll get booked at Whitby for sure. There are just not enough superlatives to express how awesome it all is. I am so lucky to be in a band with such talented people, and to be having so much FUN! :-D
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So that was our fifth gig. Our first playing with other bands, and booked by an actual promoter (who isn't me).

I thought it went really well! Attendance was good, if not as good as it's been when we've played for free, which is to be expected. I'm very pleased that anyone at all actually turned up and paid £5 to see us. There was a bit of confusion over whether the 2nd band, The Love Burns, were going to play; they had to drop off the bill because their drummer broke his foot or something like that, so we were going to play later and longer, but then their guitarist showed up on the night and did a short solo set, so we played at the normal time but longer. Which is good because we'd done a last-minute revision to the setlist to make it closer to 50 minutes than the original 40-minute time. Good thing we did, too; the song we added was "Total Eclipse" which turned out to be one of the best received songs in our set. Although without any rehearsal at all, I messed up the chords at the ending, whoops. Other than that there were no obvious foul-ups, so go us. The new song, Jump, went over very well. Jon and Frank were suitably impressed enough to hopefully book us again, with some of the headliners I've suggested. So watch this space for 2013 :)

The Cesarians were excellent. The venue was packed out -- sold out, in fact -- which made it a bit unpleasant, along with various women throwing themselves at my groupie (oi! Get your own groupies!). Etiquette tip of the day: Even if someone is poly, it's just not polite to hit on their date, particularly in front of them. Ahem.

Gadget Cats
Kiss (Guest guitarist: Sean Purdy)
Bad Moon Dance
Jump (Guest drummer: Sean Purdy)
Total Eclipse
Closer To Funk
Sympathy For The Transvestite

Next gig: First anniversary gig/Simon Landmine's birthday at the Shaftesbury Tavern, Saturday 8th December.
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For those not on Facebook:

The Memepunks (the band that I am in) have some videos. They're neat!

Here's our latest one, from Saturday night's gig: Don't Stop Believing In A Thing Called Love. A mashup!

The rest of them are from the Shaftesbury Tavern in December, it wasn't quite as raucous, so the video quality is better.

Total Eclipse


Closer to Funk (another mashup!)

All of them
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