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Tonight I lived a Rocky Horror fan's dream come true.

There was a showing of RHPS at the Underworld in Camden to mark the movie's 40th anniversary. Patricia Quinn was introducing it. The venue manager got the idea of having a backing band... Dave Winkler ([ profile] hughe's brother, and lead guitarist/singer for the excellent Bordello Rose) rings me on Wednesday and asks me if I'd like to play "Science Fiction/Double Feature" with him. I picked my jaw up off the floor and said yes. Had three days to learn the stage version in several different keys, depending on where Ms Quinn's voice was. [ profile] monted was invited to play bass too, so it was a sort-of Memepunks endeavour.

The song isn't complicated, and I've met Patricia Quinn before, but I swear as we were soundchecking and she came into the venue and walked onto the stage, I forgot every chord. Fortunately I recovered -- we played (bass, piano, acoustic guitar) and sang backing vocals on the main song and the reprise at the end of the film. Patricia loved it. It was a shame [ profile] myriadofsins couldn't be there! Ed then lost his virginity from the vantage point of the stage, and I lost my voice due to shouting lines over an underlying cold. It was worth it though. We got pictures and there is video to come!

I swear, I could never have imagined, during the years I spent going to RHPS at the Rialto in Raleigh every Friday night and performing in the cast, that one day I'd be on stage in a club in London playing piano for Patricia Quinn. Life is insane.

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