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Signal boosting for [ profile] alumiere:

or, i am not a fucking addict

earlier today, in response to an ongoing conversation about the new cdc guidelines on opiates (see here: i wrote this series of tweets:

dear obama administration/fda/cdc - your new rules on opiates hurt chronic pain patients to the point that many of us will die b/c of it.

it was already ridiculously hard to get the medication that keeps me from spending days on the bathroom floor puking b/c of pain

now, i'm out of [med x], can't get new doctors to fill them, can't afford out of pocket visit to old doctor to fill them, so...

i'm losing 2-3 days a week to pain and vomiting. also dropped too much weight since i can't hold down food. 5'7 and 91lbs

is not okay, even for super thin me. please consider the people who need opiates to live & change your rules before we start dying

and then i read which got a lot of things right, but also failed for me by calling a chronic pain patient who needed opiates an addict. this was my response:

"not bad overall. but... i don't think your uncle was an addict. if he needed the meds to function, if he wasn't getting high but getting relief then he's not an addict.

this may sound harsh, but are you an addict because you need your meds? what about the diabetic on insulin? so from my pov, calling tommy an addict is calling me and every other person with an incurable pain condition an addict. it is wrong, and part of why these bullshit guidelines are now in place - because we're seen as not fully human due to our conditions.

i wrote about how hard it is before these new guidelines earlier today here.

people are going to be harmed and die because rather than prevention & treatment we prohibit and shame. and if something doesn't change for me soon, i'm likely to be among them. because without opiates i can't hold onto enough food and it's terrifying to watch your body waste away because the cdc thinks chronic pain patients don't deserve treatments that work."

p.s. if you're able to help/share i'd appreciate it; a fundraiser to help pay for my medication and get me through some tough times (i'm offering perks too)
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That's it, I mean it this time. Just like I meant "I'm never drinking again" in April 2012. I'm never Facebooking again.

Since Facebook Messenger is a separate app on my phone, I managed to get Edmund to lock me out of Facebook but enter the password for messenger, so I can steer clear of Facebook and not be unreachable. I'm locked out, but my account is still there, meaning I get notification of messages and events and posts in groups. I'll have to log in from time to time to do promo for the Memepunks, but other than that, I am off.

I am free!

It will be an adjustment. In fact, I am fighting the impulse to post about my decision on Facebook. I'll be looking for other entertainment sites, and no doubt I'll be spouting off here more often. And ideally, this will give me more time for practising music and singing. But I hit the last straw the other day. I don't want to lose any more friends because of careless remarks typed in haste -- either mine or theirs. It's not worth it.

Crafting a message to the friend who laid that last straw, and not sure if I'm going to send it. I don't know. Cans and worms come to mind. I'll work on a draft throughout the day and see how I feel about it.

It may transpire that I can be logged into Facebook on my phone but not my desktop, which would be ideal, because I hate typing on my phone and therefore would never get into debates using it. But I'd still have, for instance, Facebook events, which is useful to have on one's phone when you are trying to find someone's flat. We'll see. I won't try that before the end of January, though.

Is there an app or a subscription service for locking yourself out of Facebook? There should be.


Jan. 7th, 2016 09:23 pm
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Coming Soon - The Memepunks

Get ready for the mashup music video of the year*.

We're ready. Are you ready?

*Yes, we know it’s only January. :)

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It really says something that my 51-comment post on inborn broodiness was yesterday's 2nd highest performing post on all of LiveJournal.

When you want a contained debate, this is the place to do it!
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Mainly in case [ profile] ford_prefect42 doesn't come back to my previous post.

"I kinda figure that everyone has an inborn compulsion to reproduce. It's kinda evolutionary."

It's an interesting theory and I'd like to pick it apart.

If you could define "an inborn compulsion to reproduce" as "a curiosity as to what their offspring would look/be like," then yeah, I do think that everyone has probably pondered on this at some point in their lives.

The fact is that I am an exception. I have no compulsion to reproduce; never have. Only a few moments in my life has a viable argument in favour of breeding entered my head:
- Once, in my late 30s, when it occurred to me that having children is the only means of preserving any bit of one's youth and vitality.
- Once when I felt a tinge of regret that my musical talent wouldn't be passed on to any future generations.

But those arguments were quickly overruled by logic: In the first case, I reasoned that this was as may be, but still didn't make all the downsides worthwhile; in the second case, I realised that there was no guarantee any child of mine would be musically talented, and in the split second thereafter I realised that this is where so many parents go wrong -- having expectations for kids that aren't even born yet, and who inevitably disappoint them by not exhibiting the combination of inherited traits the parents desired.

What Bill's question prompted me to ask myself was: If I were male, would his theory apply to me? In other words, do I actually possess an "inborn compulsion to reproduce" which has been decisively overruled by my stronger desire to not go through pregnancy and childbirth?

In my two previous long-term relationships, my male partners have expressed the desire to have kids. Easy for them to say, was my reaction. But I loved my grown-up partner enough that I actually considered whether there were any conditions under which I'd be willing to become a parent, for their sake. The absolute conditions on this would have been: I don't have to give birth (so adoption); we could skip the earliest, neediest years, before the kid could communicate verbally and use the toilet on its own (so adopting an older child); and they, not me, would be the primary caregiver. In other words, I could never be a mum, but perhaps I could be a dad. In the end the deciding factor was that even if all of my conditions for parenthood were met, if anything happened to my (actual or hypothetical) partner, I'd end up being a single parent to a child I never actually wanted. And no child deserves that. So thus ended the thought exercise.

A hypothetical "inborn compulsion to reproduce" could be overruled by other factors besides not wanting to endure pregnancy and childbirth. For instance, there's the cynic's argument of not wanting to bring a child into a world which is facing imminent ecological and economic devastation. There's also the survivor-of-abuse argument; some people's parents were so horrible as to put them off even the idea of ever being a parent themselves. These motivations are not gender-specific. I've known people in both categories, and am firmly in the first camp myself. Are these motivators sufficient to override the "inborn compulsion", or are they evidence that this "inborn compulsion" is in no way universal?

Because it's really hard to overrule actual inborn compulsions. Look at people who are gay and try to suppress it, for instance. If people were actively suppressing a compulsion to breed, rather than just not having one in the first place, then pretty much everyone would at some point change their mind about having kids, or regret missing their chance. And not everyone does. So no, I think the existence of people who are truly happily child-free into old age disproves the theory.

Counter arguments?
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So, the Tories won the election. And have taken this as a mandate to scrap the Human Rights Act, force the disabled into work, and continue their drive to make the rich richer and the poor homeless.
I left the US, in large part, because of its selfish capitalist attitudes and lack of empathy for its most vulnerable citizens. The fact that the country I moved to now wants to go in exactly the same direction makes me hopping mad.
Well this time I'm not leaving. I'm going to stay and fight.
Not only by taking even more of the tax money I'm saving, but shouldn't be, and donating it to the causes the Tories should be funding instead, but by getting involved and going to protests and not just posting about it on Facebook. The time has come for more action. They will not ruin the place I chose to call home, not without a fight.
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Tonight I lived a Rocky Horror fan's dream come true.

There was a showing of RHPS at the Underworld in Camden to mark the movie's 40th anniversary. Patricia Quinn was introducing it. The venue manager got the idea of having a backing band... Dave Winkler ([ profile] hughe's brother, and lead guitarist/singer for the excellent Bordello Rose) rings me on Wednesday and asks me if I'd like to play "Science Fiction/Double Feature" with him. I picked my jaw up off the floor and said yes. Had three days to learn the stage version in several different keys, depending on where Ms Quinn's voice was. [ profile] monted was invited to play bass too, so it was a sort-of Memepunks endeavour.

The song isn't complicated, and I've met Patricia Quinn before, but I swear as we were soundchecking and she came into the venue and walked onto the stage, I forgot every chord. Fortunately I recovered -- we played (bass, piano, acoustic guitar) and sang backing vocals on the main song and the reprise at the end of the film. Patricia loved it. It was a shame [ profile] myriadofsins couldn't be there! Ed then lost his virginity from the vantage point of the stage, and I lost my voice due to shouting lines over an underlying cold. It was worth it though. We got pictures and there is video to come!

I swear, I could never have imagined, during the years I spent going to RHPS at the Rialto in Raleigh every Friday night and performing in the cast, that one day I'd be on stage in a club in London playing piano for Patricia Quinn. Life is insane.

Photos in case they are too large )
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Lots to catch up on from the week that was.

Wednesday the Memepunks opened for Abney Park at the Garage. It was the biggest venue we'd ever played. We arrived at 4pm because both Abney Park and Cauda Pavonis had said they needed to borrow our bass amp. It turned out that Cauda Pavonis arrived an hour late, and neither band needed the amp. We had a late and rushed sound check but the venue opened nearly on time.

We went on stage and it was that eerie experience of looking out into a room already fairly full of strangers. Abney Park are big on the steampunk circuit and it was impressive that so many people were out by 7:30pm and looking very well dressed. We launched into Gadget Cats, a great choice of opener as it's familiar. Normally it takes about 3-4 songs for me to relax and enjoy the gig instead of worrying, but this time I was in the zone from song one. By the third track the crowd were in on the joke and singing along, particularly to the 90s tracks. Somehow the work of the last four years clicked together and we were completely on form, in spite of Paul being ill. Our comedy goggles got noticed, even the two new songs were smooth and we easily recovered from our tiny missteps, and I felt no sense of impostor syndrome whatsoever, other than when I sang. Afterwards we sold three T-shirts, several people were asking for CDs, and I think it's safe to say we have some new fans! Cauda Pavonis's bass player gushingly offered to book us in Bristol, but their singer later confided that he was drunk and they didn't actually know of any viable venues in Bristol. A guy I don't know bought a ticket from the Memepunks and took video, so hopefully he'll e-mail a link soon. Sadly I forgot to ask Abney Park to put in a word for us with the Whitby organisers. And both Frank Flag and the Memepunks got paid, woo!

Gadget Cats
The Final Tango
Taint Yourself
Fly Girl From Ipanema
Bad Moon Dance
Poison Mashenger
Magic Safety Dance

Gig News

Mar. 31st, 2015 01:59 pm
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The Memepunks are playing a gig on Wednesday 22 April at The Garage (The Garage!!), opening for Abney Park and Cauda Pavonis (who have replaced the Cesarians on the bill). We'll be on early, I'll try to start as late as possible to give people enough time to get there from work, but the latest we'll start will have to be 7:45pm.

We have tickets available for £12.50 instead of the advance price of £15, see one of us in person or send a PayPal for £13.10 to

Actually here is a Buy It Now button:

And the flyer:

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FAO [ profile] diana_molloy and whoever else thinks body shaming doesn't happen to thin people:

On Fatphobia, Thin Privilege, Skinny Shaming And People's Right To Subjective Experience Whatever Their Body Size

Hope this gets passed on to the original author. Thank you [ profile] sashagoblin!
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I have just purchased a new painting!

It's a sister piece to this one which I bought from the artist in 2012. Yay new art :)


Mar. 15th, 2015 09:50 pm
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Thanks to the wonders of LiveJournal, I will be singing (eee!) the duet "Misery Turns" with The Faces of Sarah at their gig at the Fiddlers Elbow on Easter Sunday, 5th April, where I am also DJing.
Went down to their rehearsal tonight, surprisingly they didn't say I was shit ;)
Do come down! Before Invocation :)
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So apparently my return to Facebook under the name Psyche WAS the result of intercession by Lil Miss Hot Mess.
Try this method and see if it works for you.
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At long last, The Memepunks present our first ever music video!
Now we are a proper band.

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On Saturday night the Memepunks marked the third anniversary of our first ever gig in a pub with another gig in a pub.

This time we were supported by Bordello Rose, Dave Winkler's band, every member of which is both multi-talented and dead sexy. We'll be saying we knew them when.

Things got off to a late start due to a football match delaying load-in and the Memepunks overloading the sound desk by being the first band ever to use every one of their channels. They had to disconnect the DJ equipment so we could play! Bordello Rose started a bit late, and also overran; thankfully the venue manager was happy enough with our turnout (and the bar take) that they let us carry on after 11pm so we could finish our set. Despite every member of the band being either injured, ill or lacking sleep, the gig went well and the venue were very pleased with us. The soundman even texted his wife during the set to say she should come down because we were great! [ profile] d_floorlandmine played some great mash-ups, and I sadly missed [ profile] bootpunk playing Killing Joke's "Pssyche" in my honour as I was madly setting up. Thanks to [ profile] aliasrob for the video and [ profile] myriadofsins and [ profile] monted for the party.

The Memepunks 3rd anniversary gig at The Gunners, Finsbury Park, 6 December 2014

Magic Safety Roll
Kiss Up (feat. Sean Purdy, guitar)
When You’re Evil
Creep Or Without You
The Final Tango
Heaven On A Prayer (feat. Tasha Scott, vocals)
Beat Roxanne (feat. Sean Purdy, guitar)
Fly Girl From Ipanema
All Star Breakfast
Sympathy For The Transvestite

She’ll Shag Me In London
Journey Into Darkness (feat. Dave Winkler, guitar)
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The more astute among you may have noticed that while I may be back on Facebook, I have not been posting, commenting, or liking.
This is intentional and will continue until Facebook changes its policy to allow users to use their own chosen names.
I don't want my embarrassing "real" surname appearing on people's feeds, but more importantly, I want my profile to be next to worthless for Facebook to sell to advertisers. Hence no posts.
I am only using Facebook when absolutely necessary: for events and replying to messages, and for discussions around FB's own privacy policies. If you would like more quality interactions with me, you can find me on Google+ and LiveJournal under the names you'd expect (Psyche Deejay on G+, djpsyche on LJ).
My brief visits to FB indicate that many of you are still using it liberally. Please stop. If you disagree with FB's privacy policies, SHOW THEM by declining to engage.
I will not be replying to this [Facebook] post. If you have comments, please e-mail them to me or post them on my identical reposts on G+ and LJ.
Thank you.
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I have been reading "Self-Made Man", by Norah Vincent, an account written by a woman who disguised herself as a man and put herself into various situations to learn how society treats men differently from women. In most of the situations, Norah, as "Ned", gets to know various people -- mainly men -- and then selectively reveals her true identity to get a sense of how people's reactions to her change when they see her as a woman instead of a man.

There are some insights. Generally, I was disappointed by the book's viewing gender as a strict binary; but then again, that was the point of the book -- to identify differences between the way men and women are treated, not to identify similarities.

In the chapter on dating, "Ned" goes on dates with straight women he's met mostly on the Internet. In a few cases, "Ned" gets on well with the women, and feels compelled to reveal that she is a woman (and a lesbian). Her first question to these women is whether they may be lesbians. Hello, bi erasure. Pro tip: asking a woman who has spent her life exclusively dating men whether she is a lesbian is probably not going to get you the answer you want. Asking her whether she is potentially bisexual, well, those odds are much better.

But I've now put the book down and am considering burning it. Why? She refers to "Teena Brandon, the woman who disguised herself as a man..." WHAT!?!? My jaw literally dropped aghast at such blatant transphobia. Norah Vincent, author, is a lesbian who disguised herself as a man. Brandon Teena was a trans man.
I refuse to read another word written by someone so ignorant.
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Under the name Psyche Coderre, which is my real surname. Better than the real full name, but I feel like I'm naked from the waist down. Ugh :(

Still going to keep being active on the G+ community ( -- which has 99 members after only a day and a half -- and have just been added as an admin on the LJ group too ( I won't be online much after tomorrow, but not giving up, and going to keep fighting for those who are still locked out and who have been forced to take names they don't want. Grr, shakey fist.
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I've just created a Google+ community for people banned from Facebook, and (hopefully) people still on Facebook, to find each other / discuss strategies around the "real names" issue / hopefully keep us ex-Facebookers informed of any developments which we're no longer able to access.

Spread the word and join!
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The Farcebook real-names plot thickens. I have just learned that someone who changed his name in 2011, on his bank accounts and passport and everything, was told that in spite of having ID to prove his name is "Geordie Debauchery", Farcebook didn't find that name acceptable so they made him reinstate his account under his former name! So deed poll might not even solve my problem.
If I have to quit my career as a promoter because of no access to Farcebook, can I sue them for loss of earnings?

Better, if someone were to organise a protest at Facebook's London offices, who would attend? (How to organise any sort of large event without using Facebook, oh the irony)
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