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Saturday 28th September - Memepunks at the Rattlesnake.

This was the first time we played the venue. After loading up, I cycled down to Angel, beating the van by a good half hour. I had neglected to provide our stage plot to the venue, so their sound man was setting up a drum kit when I arrived, which I helped him dismantle. With no warning, he was understandably thrown about all of our instrument changes. During sound check the following exchange took place:
Simon the Soundman: "Play a normal song."
Us: "We don't have any normal songs!"
But he came through, and that was why we chose very simple acts to play between us.

Though sound check ran longer than usual and I was putting on makeup when doors opened, the rest of the night ran on time. For the first set, we chose mostly mellow cello songs, kicking the energy levels up with Jump -- which totally won everyone over. The next act to play were Jessie Pie and the Thorn, whom [ profile] monted had recommended, having seen them in N19. I'd checked out some of their YouTube videos, which did nothing to prepare me for their sheer awesomeness. Jessie has a voice so powerful that at times she held her radio mic nearly at waist level and was a brilliant showman (showwoman?), going out into the crowd and flirting with various audience members. Chris Thorn stood on the stage, grinning whilst providing the accompaniment. At one point he started the riff from She Sells Sanctuary, causing all of us Memepunks to say "Oh thank goodness we're not playing that one!" Laurence Owen played third -- in retrospect it should have been the other way round, but he had a prior engagement anyway -- and also went over well. I unfortunately missed half of a Doctor Who song due to a badly timed loo break, will have to see if that one is on YouTube.

We then played our second set and that went over really well. I think we even managed to pull off the two new songs -- but we'll know for sure when we see the video. We had loads of people dancing, and even the randoms who had just wandered in found me afterwards came up to tell me how much they'd enjoyed it. [ profile] flavius_m wore the closest thing to a fan T-shirt -- his Death and Taxes T-shirt! There were quite a few new faces, which made up for the lack of some of the usual suspects. [ profile] d_floorlandmine and [ profile] andyravensable had an unexpected job of DJing to the influx of normals who came in from the front bar after the gig, but it was good fun getting to hang out and party afterwards in the same venue.

We would have been very close to breaking even... except for the £65 parking ticket and large band bar tab. Oh well, it was a really fun night, and discovering Jessie Pie and the Thorn made it worth the extra investment.


Set 1
When You're Evil
Enjoy the Silence
Fly Girl from Ipanema

Set 2
Gadget Cats
Kiss Up
Beat Roxanne
Lucky Thrill
Slimelight 2000
Sympathy for the Transvestite
Magic Safety Dance
The Bad Spin
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When You’re Evil (Cello)
Fly Girl From Ipanema (ukulele bass)
Kiss Up (Sean Purdy, guitar)
Closer To Funk
Never Tear Us Apart (Cello)
Beat Roxanne (Sean Purdy, guitar)
Summer in the City*
Sympathy For The Transvestite
Slimelight 2000 (aka The Megamix)
Encore: Magic Safety Dance

*We hadn't played this in a year and a half but the weather, and the location of the party (Liverpool Street, in The City) demanded it. Didn't go too badly given that we only rehearsed it during soundcheck!
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Last night I managed to lose my fluffy hat on the Tube, for the second time in two months :(

On the other hand I found a (luckily even right hand!) mitten, so I now have two warm, if very poorly matched, hands, and a cold head.

I have also managed to lose All Gone Dead from the roster on Friday 20 April with The Last Dance and Torpedoes (the pre-Betty Ford Clinic gig). They will have a new guitarist and aren't sure they'll be ready yet, bummer.

On the other hand I have confirmed The Way of All Flesh to open for Voltaire on Sunday 1st April at the Purple Turtle.

Now just need one more band for each gig and I can make some flyers!

Speaking of flyers.

Can you do a better flyer than this?
Want to?
In exchange for guest list to the Betty Ford Clinic?
And most importantly, *in time* for the next Betty Ford Clinic?
Get in touch!

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