Jan. 21st, 2016

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That's it, I mean it this time. Just like I meant "I'm never drinking again" in April 2012. I'm never Facebooking again.

Since Facebook Messenger is a separate app on my phone, I managed to get Edmund to lock me out of Facebook but enter the password for messenger, so I can steer clear of Facebook and not be unreachable. I'm locked out, but my account is still there, meaning I get notification of messages and events and posts in groups. I'll have to log in from time to time to do promo for the Memepunks, but other than that, I am off.

I am free!

It will be an adjustment. In fact, I am fighting the impulse to post about my decision on Facebook. I'll be looking for other entertainment sites, and no doubt I'll be spouting off here more often. And ideally, this will give me more time for practising music and singing. But I hit the last straw the other day. I don't want to lose any more friends because of careless remarks typed in haste -- either mine or theirs. It's not worth it.

Crafting a message to the friend who laid that last straw, and not sure if I'm going to send it. I don't know. Cans and worms come to mind. I'll work on a draft throughout the day and see how I feel about it.

It may transpire that I can be logged into Facebook on my phone but not my desktop, which would be ideal, because I hate typing on my phone and therefore would never get into debates using it. But I'd still have, for instance, Facebook events, which is useful to have on one's phone when you are trying to find someone's flat. We'll see. I won't try that before the end of January, though.

Is there an app or a subscription service for locking yourself out of Facebook? There should be.

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